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Viagra is used for treating erectile dysfunction. You can buy Viagra online or get it at the local pharmacy with a prescription. No matter how you get it, it will contain the same active ingredient – sildenafil citrate. This active ingredient improves the blood flow to the tissues of the penis and blocks the enzyme responsible for blood outflow. Although underlying causes of erectile dysfunction may be different, the actual physical cause is that the blood leaves the tissues of the penis too soon or the volumes are insufficient for the erection to be hard enough for penetration. Viagra deals with this problem successfully on the physical level, offering the patient up to 5 hours of efficiency period (the period during which sexual intercourse can be attempted and successfully completed).

Cialis is another possibility if you have erectile dysfunction: it’s an ED treatment that can be just as efficient. The efficiency of Cialis and Viagra in different patients is determined by their individual response to the active ingredients and the dose used: some patients may respond to one and have no reaction to the other, some will respond to both, some will respond to neither. One great advantageous Cialis has over Viagra is that it offers longer period of efficiency – up to 36 hours in most patients. However, as it was already mentioned, Cialis may not work for everyone, while Viagra may work instead. In addition, since Viagra was the first treatment to be approved for erectile dysfunction in the world, men in the UK tend to trust it more and tend to choose it over other remedies available.

Buying Viagra online is a popular option these days, because it’s simply a more convenient option. Besides, when you get your Viagra in UK pharmacy, more people may learn about the problem than you are trying to keep to yourself, and this is not a treatment for common cold or flu, rather than something that helps you deal with a very sensitive problem. When you buy Cialis online or purchase Viagra from an internet pharmacy, you do not need to see anyone and talk to anyone at all. The most important thing at this point is for you to find a reliable pharmacy where you will be able to order your Cialis or Viagra in the amount you need.

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